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I'm Still Waiting For The News

Oct. 24th, 2008

10:01 am - Bored at work.

I haven't been on here for a long time, does anyone write on this thing anymore? Meh, I'm bored, working hard fo the money...
I love my job yet it totally sucks. Two days out of the week I'm just non-stop busy and just ready to kill everyone who hands me more work to do.. The rest of the week, I'm just sitting in my hobbit hole waiting for SOMETHING to do.
I'm just working on revamping the entire Retail Operations side of the bank here. I have to write manuals, procedures, everything involved with the job. There really is lots to do, but I don't know where to start. Plus our bank was recently sold to another holding company, so by the end of the year everything is changing, so how do I work on stuff now?
So sleepy.  Thats the other thing that sucks about this job.. I have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn (aka 6:15am) to get here on time!  And I'm the only person that actually shows up on time! Everyone comes trickling in 15-25 minutes late and its driving me insane!! I'm usually the first person here, and the last to leave. But in the end I guess thats not so bad... At least 3 hours a week at $21.75.. woo! So I guess this really isn't all to bad.

I was just lookin at my lil icon girly and I think another tattoo might have to be in the works.. but what... I'm still set on eventually getting Our Lady of Guadalupe.. It must be done!! It would be so bad ass........

Woot woot! In 27 days I'll be in the motherland. CANCUN!!!!!!!!! I'm so beyond excited! Especially since it only cost $1,000!!  I just can't wait to see Tulum. I love that our hotel is sitting along ruins. Theres even a small temple that you have to swim up to!! Oooh man! =D

Damn, this thing only took me 2 mintues to write..   To waste a bit more time , I will keep going and write about nothing in particular. No one reads this stuff, but meh, it keeps me busy for a few minutes...

Last night I was playing that Tony Hawk video game with a friend and I think I am a natural. I was grinding and doing ollies like no other. I rock.

Jan. 7th, 2008

12:53 pm - oh man

 Oh man.. I just bought this.
Clearly I am crazy.
Meh.. at least this crazy will be driving around in style!
its so cute!

Dec. 19th, 2007

10:42 am

The Greatest story of the year..

I couldn't be happier!
The Spears clan just always knows how to put a smile on my face!

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Dec. 17th, 2007

01:12 am

I have no idea right now

Dec. 12th, 2007

08:11 pm - ugh!! WTF!?!

I have seriously have never been so pissed and just generally upset over a TV show. WTF?
I'm kinda obsessed with America's Next Top Model... but what the hell?
I'm not going to name names, cause I know some of you have it on your DVR and are going to watch it later, but oh dear lord, let me tell you something.. 
Tyra Banks is an idiot. I'm convinced that she doesn't really even want any of the winners to even be successful. She just wants to say that she discovered them. I mean seriously, are any of those winners really doing anything mainstream? Well Adrinne has become a realty tv whore, but what about fatty Yoanna? Ummm shes a NO ONE! I know she use to host some show on the Style network, but come on, who seriously watches the Style network? Thats like for poor people. Fashionistas like myself, go to Milan, and Paris to experience fashion first hand. Eva? That girl is like now just denying her Top Model past, she even changed her "model name." Like it was Eva Pigford, but now her middle name is used.. or something like that.. and she's also doing those black people movies. (Whats with the black people movies now a days? They are like everywhere. Do black people even go to the movies? Like have you seen the trailer for 'This Christmas'? How many black people do you know, go to there huge family houses in there rich white neighborhoods to celebrate christmas as a family? Most of them don't even know who even is in there family because of baby daddy drama, and like everyone always being in prison)
But as I was saying..  Season 4 winner.. Nicole. That girl was such a lil bitch. She was so annoying and whinny. I really hope that someone just slapped the shit out of her, or something cool like that. Danielle.. actually I think shes been the only success.. well if you count bein in a cover girl with that lesbo Queen Latifa.. 
Then theres Caridee.. she was such a crack head.. I mean did you see her run way walk at the end of season 7? Eww! Ugh.. Now Jaslene.. she talks funny. Like I know she has that whole Latina accent going (I wonder where I can get that) but like when she talks her mouth doesn't move and her big teeth muffle the words.
Now this season was just bad! Ughh!! Like Jenah hit the nail on the head, when she said a few weeks ago that its all a Personality Contest, not even a modeling contest. Like I didn't really like Jenah, cause she was an idiot, like in the first episode she was talking about going to keggers, which is kinda cool, for kids who can't get into bars (like myself.. ahh yes.. 21) but she was just dumb. And she had some big ol teeth too. Do some of these girls not have any mirrors? Like seriously, if you are going to be a model, go get your teeth fixed. She needs to get those chompers filed down. 
And why didn't Heather win? She was voted Cover Girl of the Week every week. She kicked ass. She was like freakishly good, and retarded. Actually I'm convinced that she didn't even have any sort of illness or whatever. I think it was nothing but strategy. Well, at least that would be my strategy on ANTM if I was a foot taller and like 920184902348921849238lbs smaller. I would so go on that show, and be like, "Hi, I'm Jessie. I have cancer. I want to be a model," ::cough cough:: "Oh, excuse me, thats the cancer kicking in." ::cough cough:: 
Ugh, I'm just so mad. What the hell seriously?
From this day on, I vow not to watch America's Next Top Model... well at least not religiously, which I have obviously been doing. 
9 Seasons.. damn..
oh!! AND! Twiggy's not even going to be a judge anymore!!!! They got some other "Super Model" that I haven't even heard of! Paulina Porizkova is the new judge.. who is that?
Ughh... the only way that show can back on track is by hiring me to be the head judge. Tyra obviously is crazy. I Don't like Ms J either, she has got to go.. I'll find some other drag queen to have tag along.. Nigel can stay though... ahh yes.. Nigel (BTW.. have you seen Nigel's modeling pictures?? Nice..)

But yes.. America's Next Top Model as lost there most important fan, and since I will no longer watch the show (NEW EPISODES) no one else will watch.. cause lets face it, I'm a trend setter.

Current Mood: crankycranky

Nov. 16th, 2007

07:00 pm


What a horrible day. Work was lonnnnnnngggggg and gay!

And oops I fucked up! Meh. I get one fuck up a year so thats okay

but then after... =( x 456456456465 =   ='( to the max




at least tonight should be fun

Nov. 13th, 2007

09:14 pm

god this sucks
like if I wasn't bored this would be okay
I can't wait for school to start again at least that will keep my busy again, but then I know I'll complain about the stress
i dont think i can ever be happy
i know

next week is thanksgiving and thats always fun

I think im just going to completely spend all my time with Monica and the new baby, they wont let me down

no good tv! =(

Nov. 12th, 2007

08:53 am

I can't handle this.
I don't know what to do with myself.

I really am emo, but it is kinda fun for some reason looking for that song that just speaks to me ya know..
I think I found one...

These memories can't replace,
These wishes I wished and dreams I chased
Take this broken heart and make it right
I feel like I've lost everything when you're gone
Left remembering what it's like to have you here with me
I thought you should know,
You're not making this easy
I never thought I'd be the one to say
Please don't, well please don't leave me
I feel like I've lost everything when you're gone
Left remembering what it's like to have you here with me
I thought you should know,
You're not making this easy

oh my emo bands.. old but still good

Nov. 7th, 2007

02:55 pm - =(

I’m broken hearted, broken hearted for you
So don’t get me started on repairs
I know what you’re gonna do
You’ll break it again
I know I can’t win
You’ll just break my heart again

You chose the words you knew would make me cry
You prolly done it to a hundred guys
I’m not cryin’, I got somethin’ in my eyes
You said you never really felt a thing
You said you didn’t like the way I sing
I’m not cryin’, but my eyes they really sting

Oh MXPX, its like you are just stationed in my mind turning what I feel into song..
god I am so gay..
but its so true =(

but i do get to listen to lots of sappy things..
it seems like every song I listen to makes so much sense.. its like they know me or something.

but yes
sad =(

Oct. 28th, 2007

03:30 pm

i love jack i love jack
even though his fingers smell like poop

i guess it happens to the best of us

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